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One second on Twitter, a four-volume set of books.

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The Onion: Guy with 10,000 tweets, 15 followers about ready to hang it up.

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Twitter favourites and the etiquette of the farewell fave.

People use the star for everything from bookmarking (the save fave) to props-giving (the rave fave) to presence-signaling (the wave fave) to bone-throwing (the favor fave) to chaos-causing (the hate fave, which you could also call the spice-things-up fave, which you could also call the flavor fave).

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Twitter feed of note: @DJsComplaining.

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No one wants to read your tweets.

You see the Net has been built on “cool.” It’s been about the new new thing. But now we’ve got winners and losers, and the chances of going from the underclass to the ruling class online are about similar to those doing the same thing in real life — essentially nil. Yes, the American Dream is dying online too. A few people make it through, but it’s like winning the lottery: The odds are low.

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Twitter now has a setting that will let you accept direct messages from anyone who follows you, regardless of whether or not you follow them back.

“Only an idiot would check that box.”

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Valleywag takes Sarah Lacy to task for saying stupid things about Twitter and feminism.

Sarah Lacy: We seriously think that amid all that, his fiduciary duty to Twitter’s shareholders and employees should have been to stop and think: “Wait, it’s not enough that these are the people I trust who are qualified, willing to do this, and who can help me make this into a public company….they aren’t diverse enough

VW: Yes, we seriously think that.

SL: And why stop at a woman? I don’t see an African American or Latino on Twitter’s board. Why aren’t we outraged by that?

VW: That’s also maybe a problem!

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Weird Twitter is trying to subvert Twitter’s kind-of-stupid approach to advertising. [via]

When a fellow who uses the Twitter handle DudeHugs sends out a message to his 10,000 followers that reads, “Loving this all-natural Sierra Mist…RT if u have ever touched or seen a dog,” he isn’t trying to promote the soft-drink brand or trying to appeal to dog lovers.

A part of a burgeoning Twitter subculture known as Weird Twitter, he is speaking in a purposefully nonsensical code that is meant to satirize the growing presence of corporate brands and marketers on the popular social network.

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Twitter parody accounts are awesome, hilarious and should always remain anonymous.

What’s most powerful about Twitter parodies, according to Sinker, is that “if you’re following the account in real time, it’s popping up within the context of the rest of the reality you have built in Twitter.” The unreal and the real are combined in a single stream. An @MayorEmanuel tweet admonishing voters to “VOTE, BITCHES” appears at the same time that the actual Rahm Emanuel tweets “Hey hey hey…” or CNN reveals the results of the election. In this sense, Twitter seems to be a powerful answer to a fundamental problem parody has faced over the past several decades: as Menand noted, “the barrier between the authentic and the parodic has collapsed.” If parody is everywhere, if it is diffuse, it requires a medium that can properly contain and convey it—a real-time outlet. (This is also why Stephen Colbert’s character works so beautifully via tweets, outside of the constraints of his television show.)

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Jay Z’s hyphen is on Twitter. [via]

98 of my problems were caused by Jay Z dropping me, the 99th problem was caused by a Semicolon named Carl and he knows what he did.

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During moments of tragedy, it’s probably best just shut the fuck up on Twitter.

There’s a temptation when tragedy hits–especially violent tragedy–to use it to prove a worldview right as people take to Twitter to transform dead and mangled bodies into scaffolding under a preexisting belief. It’s execrable. Whether it’s a rush to assign blame, a speculation regarding motive, or an I-told-you-so matters little. That kind of stuff can play badly enough in a next day op-ed, but in an unedited 140 character tweet issued shortly after some terrible thing has just gone down, it’s pure poison.

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Have you ever unfollowed someone on Twitter, only to be disappointed by just how passively passive aggressive it was? Well, BirdLaunch is now here for aggressive unfollowing.

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Pentametron (@Pentametron) scans Twitter for posts in iambic pentameter and pairs them into rhyming couplets with tremendous effect.

Some samples:

She hotter then a summer day in hell
There is the nicest spa in this hotel

I need a fucking breakfast sandwich NOW
my brother makes amazing pancakes wow

I have the biggest headache ever. Why
You walked away and never said goodbye.

Tattoo! Tattoo! Tattoo! Tattoo! Tattoo!
My one and only, one and only you.

The unfamiliar is a scary place.
I hate the whole entire human race

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Vine Peek is a real-time feed of posts to Vine (which is the new Twitter six-second video thingy). Be warned that it could be pervy, but mostly it seems to be people’s pets.

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