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Someone finally built a web interface for Instagram.

In Focus launches for The Atlantic.

In Focus is the new Big Picture. (No word on what this means for the Big Caption… not that it’s been updated since August anyway.)

A short documentary about The Satorialist. [via]

Kodachrome is no more. At least until the Impossible Project steps up to save it.

Film photography has always been an act of risk and faith, leaving the photographer to wonder about the results while awaiting the outcome of its various chemical processes. Kodachrome, which was developed by mail order, framed in two-inch-square cardboard mounts and then returned to its owner in a gold box, made the wait even longer – and the payoff well worth it, if one was lucky.

The Sports Illustrated photos of the year.

Is Instagram the new Flickr?

Five years ago the world didn’t need another photo sharing site; it needed a photo community. Flickr fit in perfectly.

Fast-forward to 2010. Look around you. Everyone you know carries a mobile phone in their pocket with a camera somewhat comparable to the average point-and-shoot. They spare no expense sharing what they’re doing, seeing, and enjoying. Attention is even more fleeting now than it was five years ago, and ‘Like’ is cool with even the uncool kids. Community is now Social.

Instagram fits in perfectly.

What’s interesting to me is how much faster Instagram is getting traction with people versus Hipstamatic.

Worth reading: The story behind this photo. [via]