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Internet celebrity rehab with Dr. Drew.

Tay Zonday: Like “let him be” or something? I can’t seem to put my finger on it…

Chris Crocker: *Sob* Leave LolCat alone!

Dr. Drew: Stop antagonizing Chris, Tay. You know how hard he’s been working to stop saying that.

Leeroy Jenkins: Exactly! I’m tired of you thinking you can push the rest of us around just because you have over 50 million views! I mean, at least people actually know what my name is. Everyone only knows you as “Chocolate Rain Guy!”

Star Wars Kid: Oh, yeah, I’m sure everyone would recognize you on the street, Leeroy. Just as long as you were dressed up like your World of Warcraft character.

Leeroy Jenkins: Joke’s on you, Star Wars Kid! I dress up like him all the time!

Dr. Drew: People, please! No one knows who any of you are anymore! That’s the whole reason why you’re here!

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